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Thank you for putting together that outstanding Tsunami Awareness Program Community Advocacy Kit. I can tell you by my personal experience of having done exactly what you have put together that it is 'Spot On.' Other communities will benefit immensely from using the Kit.

Burton Greene, Hau’ula Community Association

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Understanding the natural warning signs of a tsunami and knowing what immediate actions to take can save lives. Knowledge of local warning systems, evacuation routes, and hazard zones, in addition to having a personal preparedness plan, can increase the likelihood that you and your family are safe during a tsunami event.

PDC has strengthened the capacity of coastal communities to prepare for and respond to tsunami events through the development of informational kits that promote tsunami awareness. The kits include maps, booklets, pamphlets, posters, and presentation materials, as well as instructional materials. Strategies for implementing a successful outreach program, collected from outreach leaders around the world, are included as best practices to promote effective use of the materials and foster communication and engagement. Tsunami awareness kits can be customized upon request for any coastal location or audience, and made available in a variety of formats.

To customize a tsunami awareness kit for your needs, please contact: