Pacific Disaster Center Fostering Disaster Resilient Communities  

Director's Welcome


Welcome and Aloha

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the exciting and cutting edge capabilities of the Pacific Disaster Center. I encourage you to explore the site and learn more about what PDC offers.

PDC uses information, science, and technology to enable effective evidence-based decision making and to promote disaster risk reduction (DRR) concepts and strategies. The Center provides multi-hazard warning and decision support tools to facilitate informed decision making and critical information sharing, supporting appropriate and effective actions. PDC also conducts advanced risk assessments that integrate hazard exposure with socio-economic factors for vulnerability and capacity, so the disproportionate impact on populations can be better understood, and then mitigated through improved preparedness and planning processes. We also assist in enhancing disaster management capacities for preparation and response through dedicated information services, and engagements in training, exercises, and workshops.

You may want to begin exploring the site by learning more about our free apps and tools, such as:

Along with our Managing Partner, the University of Hawaii, we look forward to a future in which scientific and technological advances continue to enhance decision making for risk reduction and sustainable development, ultimately diminishing hazard threats and impacts to lives and livelihoods.

Ray Shirkhodai
Executive Director